Colleges of Foreign Languages ​​are established with the aim of meeting all needs of universities related to foreign language training.  Currently, there are two main areas of service. To offer compulsory foreign language education to students (eg engineering students) enrolled in the university. Secondly, it aims to provide preparatory education to the students whose language is insufficient from the departments that have their education partially or completely in English. In familiar terms, these two areas are called Service Lesson and Preparation service.

Our college has undertaken these two services. The majority of our preparatory students are students enrolled in English Language and Literature Department. The rest consists of students who want to improve their foreign language within the framework of optional preparation even though their departments do not require it. It is free and students are admitted according to the quota at the faculty level.


 Bingöl University School of Foreign Languages ​​was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 15.04.2011 and numbered 1595.  On the same date, Prof.  Dr.  Mehmet Çelik has been appointed as the founding director.  Before the establishment of the college, eight English instructors conducted the first-class compulsory foreign language teaching of the entire university through the Department of Foreign Languages ​​affiliated to the Rectorate.  With the establishment of the Directorate, these cadres were transferred to the body of the college. With the new participations, the number of English instructors increased to twelve and Arabic instructors to two in 2012.  Employment stability of the employees indicates that the working tradition of the institution has settled.


The fact of increasing travel in the world geography necessitates the efficient contact and communication of travelers in the places they go.  Beyond human, mental and social satisfaction, the development of countries and the welfare they will offer to their people depends on individuals’ being equipped with the qualifications required by their profession one by one. One of these qualifications is to have the ability to learn and use a common foreign language at a satisfactory level.  Our mission is to bring graduates to life with this vital equipment. One of these qualifications is to have the ability to learn and use a common foreign language at a satisfactory level. Our mission is to lead graduates into their life with this vital equipment.


 Our goal is to carry out foreign language education in the light of knowledge and experience, taking into account the talent, needs and profession of the student.  While performing permanent and usable language teaching, the development of students' mental faculties and the comfort of the classroom environment will not be neglected.  It is to teach at least one foreign language to the student as soon as possible, and to make that language effective in his professional life.  No less important, it is one of our goals to test and develop more effective and different language teaching methods.

Our Mission

To prepare and present educational programs to all Turkish and foreign students studying at our university in order to provide them with the foreign language skills they need in order to carry out their academic studies effectively and to exchange information and experience through effective communication in addition to the studies required by their departments.

Our Vision

Out vision is to arrange all the course  contents, course materials and the environments that the courses are conducted  within the frame of the School of Foreign Languages in order to prepare students effectively for the future, to organize our university in accordance with the leading university in development and international standards, to maximize students' language skills, and to be an institution that aims for continuous improvement in language teaching.